Functional Strength & Power Training

Elite Strength & Conditioning
have developed unique, progressive, fun & extremely effective training systems, with programs that develop amazing strength, power and agility gains.
We focus on posture, balance, flexibility, posterior chain development & prehab/rehab exercises.

"No more boring, ineffective barbells, dumbbells & pin loaded machines!"

Using many combinations of the latest functional exercise systems & equipment, including:

- Our Accredited Authentic IUKL Russian kettlebell training programs for strength, power , flexibility & body awareness.
- The TRX "Fitness Anywhere" functional strength & power systems.
- Paul Chek Med Ball -Core, Strength & Power development ,progressive programs.
- 'Olympic Ring' functional whole body & core strength training exercises -Plyometric power training-Olympic/Power Lifting- Agility ladders- Resistance sleds & Bungee harness training systems, just to name a few of our fun & effective training methods!!!